HotKeyBind 1.2

HotKeyBind allows you to have custom hotkeys for doing tasks on your system
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Marco Barisione

HotKeyBind, as the name suggests, is a free application that allows you to set up your own custom hotkeys for doing special tasks such as opening a web page, launching applications, opening files, shutting down the computer etc. You can easily assign a key to a list of actions that are included in this application such as increasing volume, copying text etc. HotKeyBind runs in the background, you can easily access it right from the system tray. Whenever a hotkey is pressed, an onscreen message is displayed that lets you know that a hotkey is pressed, a nice feature altogether. You can also edit or remove the hotkey afterwards. Th interface of this application is pretty simple where a minimal amount of user intervention is required. It automatically starts with Windows. You can also customize the default Windows hotkeys and use them for your own actions. It comes with two languages: English and Italian. It is a must have utility for all Windows users as it reduces time and makes your work more effective.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Default Windows Hotkeys can be edited
  • Onscreen messages are shown


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